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Articles & Interviews

" Benin Bronzes and Beyond ; The history of the West African Kingdom and the return of its stolen art." 

All About History Magazine October 2022

"The Making of a King; The Historical significance of Olu Atuwatse III" The Republic Journal  25th July 2022 

"Graduate Research: Material Culture in the Warri Kingdom, Nigeria during the 19th century with Allegra Ayida." on Scottish Centre for Global History  7th December 2021

“ Nigerian Cultural Heritage Abroad, the case of an Itsekiri Chief” in Royal Historical Society’s Writing Race series. 28th June 2021


“ Our history is rotting away : the newspaper archivists preserving Nigeria’s past” ,

Ope Adetayo - The Guardian Newspaper, UK. 10th August 2023 [interviewed for article] 

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