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Conference Papers & Presentations

“ Reading African Agency in an 18th Century French Trader’s Memoirs” 18th Century Africa Conference, Cambridge University Centre for research in the Arts, Social sciences and humanities (CRASSH) ,10th June 2021

“ The Military looting of Itsekiri Cultural Heritage” Session 1, Punitive Expeditions, Looting and the collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Devolving Restitution Workshop, Oxford University 9th June 2021

“Nigerian heritage, memorialisation, and the legacies of colonialism: The Case of an Itsekiri Chief”   Cambridge University Heritage & Colonialism Discussion Group , 9th February 2021

“Education and Motherhood; The Itsekiri experience” , Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa: IV CHAM
[Centro de Humanidades - Universidade Nova de Lisboa] International Conference, Lisbon, 17-20 July 2019

“Three Olus: Symbolism and Exchange in the Early Modern History of the Warri Kingdom, 1597-1653”, Greater
New York African History Workshop, Columbia University, March 2018

Davenport Research Grant,​ Public Affairs Center, Wesleyan University Summer 2017 Granted $3,000 to carry
out archival research in England, France, and Portugal and oral history research in Nigeria

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