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by Daniel Mengara

Daniel Mengara is a novella that describes the life of a boy who grew up in a traditional Gabonese village. The narration focuses on his mother, Mema is a strong willed woman who suffers misfortune and is blamed by her husband's village. The language is poetic and atmospheric. Gabon Country 2/54. Gabon is one of central west Africa’s most stable countries. A former French colony under late President Omar Bongo, Gabon maintained a close relationship with France often referred to as “Francafrique” (Also common in other former French colonies in West Africa)’ Omar Bongo was one of Africa’s longest serving heads of state when he died in 2009 ( 42 years!) His son took over and relations with France have cooled. Gabon has played an important mediator role for counties such as Congo, Angola and Burundi. It’s main export is Oil, there has been some criticism that the Gabonese economy is too reliant on oil.

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