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Allegra Otsaye Ayida received a BA in History from Wesleyan University,  and an MA in World History from Kings’ College London and an Mphil in African Studies from Cambridge University.

A strong advocate for the push against the eurocentric nature of the writing of African history as told through the lens of European conquest and domination, her personal connection as a diasporic Nigerian fuels her passion for the history of the Warri Kingdom which is located in the Niger delta region of Nigeria. Her research interests focus on the material culture of the Warri Kingdom and the topical issue of restitution.

She aims to centre Itsekiri perspectives in her writing with a focus on oral traditions and oral history interviews. Her current projects include the writing of a school textbook on the early history of the Warri kingdom

In addition, she is a founding member of Museum of Ode-Itsekiri Initiative (MOII), an online repository that aims to collect, collate, preserve the history and cultural heritage of the Itsekiri people.

She will embark on her History PhD journey in Fall 2021 at Yale University where she will be an Environmental Humanities fellow at the Whitney Center of Humanities.


Latest Publication

Forthcoming Summer 2021

"Kingdom in the Creeks: the origins of the Warri Kingdom".  Quramo Publishing in 2021

A history text book for secondary level school children .


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Allegra O. Ayida

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